Manchester City Guide

Manchester is known to be one of the major cities in United Kingdom. During the Victorian era, the likes of John Dalton have made significant impact in upholding and boosting the economic situation of Manchester. Years passed and Manchester has become a center of numerous associated trades giving rise to its symbol of industry – the busy bee. The busy bee emblem just proved that this young dynamic city will soon be the third biggest retail in UK. And it did! It has its own character that captures the city’s essence of variety and touristic commercialism. At the present time, Manchester is known for its high rise buildings, historic locations, major tourist spots, and a whole lot more. The city is common with the rest of United Kingdom, yet always administers itself differently, becoming one of history’s most glorious towns in England. Entertainment and Night Life Some of Manchester’s very own restaurants and bars include 5th Avenue and Essential. Enjoy a drink at these popular late-night spots exuding a different kind of vibrant city atmosphere playing traditional music, latest playlist, and modern dance do that are sure to get your feet tapping. Try the literary bar hopping and tour, which combines great Manchester traditions and drinking. Furthermore, Manchester has also has a range of walking tours to satisfy your cravings for real entertainment and nightlife, most of which involve several stopping and viewing at The Opera House where the famous Chicago and Miss Saigon was staged, movie houses like the Cornerhouse and AMC Cinema, and many more. Shopping Shoppers can’t seem to get enough of Manchester, as this town housed prime retailing businesses bringing in top brands in the industry of fashion with the likes of DKNY, Boss, and Armani. The Market Street, Trafford Centre, and Arndale Centre are one of the largest shopping malls not just in the town of Manchester but in the entire European country. Since a lot of market leaders have seen the potential of the area, the growth of business establishments moved aggressively. Some of the shops that a tourist can look forward to are Affleck’s Palace, Spas and Complimentary Therapies, Fashion Shops, Food Stores and Groceries, and The Old Corn Exchange. Best Time to Visit the City For a Manchester vacation with an added oomph, a lot of tourists definitely opt for the summer season in this side of North England. However, for those travelers who are not considering the summer months for their vacation, the month of July where Manchester Jazz Festival is annually held can be a good reason to visit this city. For party animals and drinkers who want to get a good dose of Manchester party life can visit the city during the month of October in time for the Manchester Food and Drink Festival. And of course, the month of December where traditional flee markets charge the streets, making up an exciting Manchester vacation. Traveling in the City After a touch down at the airport, traveling in the city of Manchester may require you to choose between major transportations such as the train, tram, city centre bus, and black cabs. As you travel all around town, you can also come across bustling quirky restaurants and cafes serving excellent wholesome food. There must be really something in this city, the modern yet lovely scenery and breathtaking tourist spots that indeed smells the beauty, culture, and ingenuity that is so Manchester.