Torquay town is situated in United Kingdom regarded for its colorful history, arts, and most of all wonderful water adventures and resources. It is known as the ‘Spa Town’, as the infamous Marine Spa is just next to the harbour. It was opened and launched for public use back in the year 1853 - the very first in the country to offer an open space of tide filled pools. In the year 2002, it was replaced by Living Coral Island Leisure Complex, and later on renamed as Living Coasts Penguin Park. At present, this town in the area of Torbay and one that is lying in the South Seaboard of Devon has surged ahead in terms of economic growth and tourism, making Torquay the best place to be. Entertainment and Night Life All travel and no entertainment and nightlife makes Jack and Jill dull – and this applies even when you’re on vacation. Much of traveling is spent on going places, riding different sorts of transportation, and oftentimes waiting, but having something to perk and ease the tedium of your vacation is possible if you will just explore what Torquay has to offer. Entertainment means beaches in this town called English Riviera. Some of the awe-inspiring beaches are Babbacombe Beach, Meadfoot Beach, Oddicombe Beach, Corbyn Head, and the biggest most visited beach of all, the Torre Abbey Sands Beach. If you’re a party animal and can’t get enough of some nightlife, you can visit famous restaurants and bars with the likes of Café Mambo, Red Bar, The Elephant Bar and Restaurant, and many more. Shopping Enjoy a great shopping experience at Torquay where the best finds sits under one roof. This town promises its loyal patrons the most enjoyable shopping experience with a lot of different items from Torquay crafts, glassware, pottery, designer clothes, contemporary jewelries, to souvenirs. Some of the best shopping centers in this side of South Devon include The Old Granary Gift Shop, The Pavilion Shopping Center, The Old School House, and a whole lot of stores found in the main Town Center of Torquay. Just take a stroll along Torquay’s hippest neighborhood fleet walk markets and browse through many eclectic shops that line the streets, and you sure will find unique and beautiful pieces everywhere. Best Time to Visit the City For a savvy traveler and frequent vacationer like you, there is no best or worst time to visit Torquay. Almost every season is an opportunity to visit this splendid town, especially if weather conditions aren’t much of a big concern. So, even if the mercury drops some or the other way around, planning a trip to this town wouldn’t be much of a problem. Nevertheless, for the benefit of those travelers who plan things ahead and desire to get the most out of their vacation, the months of April, May, September, and October are the best months to go and see the beauty and wonders in this South West Coast side of England, as these months are considered off-peak seasons with less number of tourists roaming around town. Traveling in the City If you have very little time in your hands, it’s possible, with determination, to roar through Torquay’s major attractions, as well as other cultural and historical spots. The real charm of the town, as seen in the eyes of the famous crime writer Agatha Christie known as The Agatha Christie Mile is just one of the many constant surprises that emerge in the labyrinth, complete with clues and mysteries to unravel. Moreover, according to some travel facts, if you want to experience long summer time, Torquay is the best place to go to, as the light is still up at 22:00 hour the most. Now, that is really something!