York Attractions Guide

There are many tourist destinations in York to choose from. They are as varied as the interest of the tourists visiting them every year. 1. York Minster is a Gothic Cathedral standing at the center of the city which is surrounded by medieval city walls. It features 14 and 15th century creations such as stonework, stained glass and tombs. Get a tour of the inside, visit the undercroft or climb up the tower. So much history could be gained from this one visit. 2. The Ghost Hunt of York is the number one attraction that compels tourist to visit York. It is an entertaining as well as educational tour for people of all ages. This a great and fun way to learn of the ghosts of York as well as know its rich history. 3. A leisurely walk along the York City Walls is recommended for everyone. This would give everyone the feel of the city and transport everyone back to the medieval times. It is also one of the best way to see the beautiful views around York and the York Minster. The whole family would surely enjoy this activity. 4. The National Railway Museum is also a must see in York and what is great about it is that there is no entrance fee. The whole family could stroll along and get a look at the earliest trains to the most modern ones that chugged through York's railways. Train lovers are having a field day here. Children also have interesting areas to explore and cafes and restaurants are also available to sit down and take rest from time to time. 5. Clifford's Tower is a stone tower built by Henry III in 1233 and often visited by tourist for its interlocking circles design. It is full of tragic history about the plight of the Jewish community in the early 1190. 6. The Shambles is one of York's must see sights. Tourist often take pictures here and love roaming the streets and visiting the jewelry shops, the cafes and tea rooms and at the same time learn all about York's history as well. 7. Castle Howard which was built in 1699, is a must see for all tourists and their families. It is located on more than a thousand acres of parkland and has a very rich history. There are also a vast collection of furniture and paintings and beautiful views the family would enjoy together. 8. Barley Hall is a town house from the 15th century which was restored to showcase the different furniture, paintings, wall hangings, ceramics and potteries from this period. 9. The Yorkshire Museum displays the richest collection of archaeological finds in Europe's history. See, appreciate and learn from the great collection about York's early history, from the Anglo-Saxon period to the time of the Vikings. 10. St. Margaret Clitherow Shrine is also a good place to visit and contemplate about the life of the martyred saint. So when in the United Kingdom, a stop by York is indeed recommended.