York City Guide

In 2007, York was named as the European City of the Year besting other well known cities from all over Europe. It is located between London and Edinburgh and is known for its major contributions to the history of England. It was first called as Eborakon, which means “a place for the Yew Trees.” It was then changed to Eboracum and then later became Jorvik during the time of the Vikings. The name York only evolved during the 13th century after the Norman conquest. The city grew into a well known trading center for wool and developed into the ecclesiastical capital of England. During the 18th century, horse racing became a popular sport in York where it became a venue for traders to socialize. Though it is a late bloomer in terms of the industrial revolution, it later caught up with its neighbors by becoming the center of the railway industry after its first railways were constructed. This spur the interest of many traders to start business in York and in 19th century, the Rowntree chocolate factory was built and brought prosperity to the city. York later on established its own university which became famous and respected in different subject areas such as archaeology. Today, York has medical schools, law schools and vocational schools offering different courses to many students. Its economy now is more centered on technology and science and the arts. Because of its contribution to England's history, York has become a tourist destination for many. A visit to England wouldn't be complete if one hasn't passed by and had a leisurely walk along the streets of York to appreciate all it has to offer. Because its culture was influenced by different inhabitants in the early days, York's history has so much to tell especially about the Age of the Vikings. The accommodations offered in York are many, ranging from four star hotels to affordable modernized inns and manors. Restaurants around the city are also plenty to choose from. Experience the cafe culture York is famous for, taste the world class wines and delicious cuisines from their stylish restaurants, or just join the crowd in the bistros and enjoy the wide array of mouth watering foods on their menu. York is also a remarkable place to go shopping, even kids would enjoy going around the boutiques and street stores for unique gift ideas and fashionable clothes and jewelries. York's weather is temperate and has four seasons. It is also unpredictable as rain showers could occur during sunny days. The most popular time to visit York then are in the months of February - to see the Viking Festival, July – to join the celebration of the Early Music Festival, and around December - to witness the Festival of Angels. It is recommended to explore York on foot. It is a small area and a leisurely walk would give tourist a feel of the life in York. The many destinations such as the York Minster could be reached by road train.