Antwerp Attractions Guide

So what are the great places to visit in Antwerp? Here are a few recommendations. 1. The Diamond Museum. Naturally enough, a trip to Antwerp is never complete without stopping over this image-and-sound museum. Aside from its intensive collection of jewelry pieces, the Diamond Museum also accommodates audio-guided tours that allow visitors walk through the displays at the language of their choosing and at the pace they prefer. The museum is located at Koningin Astridplein 19, Antwerpen. 2. Rubens’ House is the actual domicile of Flemish Baroque painter Sir Peter Paul Rubens. The artist had arranged the house according to his personal taste and had stayed there until he passed on. In recent years, the artist’s house was later acquired by the government and returned to its original state. Rubens’ House is situated just beyond the old Koninklijke Paleis. 3. The Gothic Cathedral of Our Lady. This religious site is one of the top favorite locations for walking tours in Antwerp. The cathedral’s architecture is predominantly Gothic. However, its; interior pay homage to Baroque painters like Jacob de Backer, Marten de Vos, Otto van Veen and Rubens, of course. The Gothic Cathedral of Our Lady is declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is located just off the Grote Markt at Handschoenmarkt. 4. Antwerp Zoo (locally known as Zoo Antwerpen) houses an extensive collection of over 5,000 animals. Aside from that, there are also meticulously manicured gardens and unique architecture within the zoo premises to look at. Eating establishments within and outside the zoo premises are worth visiting as well, since these serve budget friendly but great tasting meals. The Antwerp Zoo entrance is located at Astrid Square, right beside the Central Station. 5. The Plantin Moretus Museum situated at Vrijdagmarkt 22 is another World Heritage Site. This is a museum that pays homage to the history of printing, and houses an extensive collection of important books and replicas of printing presses from all over the globe. 6. The Bourla Theater which is located at Komedieplaats 18, is not only a great architectural treasure (its façade is strictly neo-classic baroque,) but it also showcases regular stage productions, ballets and concerts. However, tourists flock to the theater site early in the day to avail of the great food being offered by the pastry salon within the premises. 7. Middleheim Park. This is a great place to quite literally, sit back and enjoy the sights. Aside from the splendid green landscape, the park also showcases modern sculptures created by artists like Hans Arp, Henry Moore, Rodin, etc. The park is also known to host music and food festivals. The entrance to the park is located at Middelheimlaan. 8. Kammenstraat and Kloosterstraat are two locations where people who love to shop should remember. These two places have everything: from designer clothes, to antique jewelry and even imported products from all over the world. Art pieces, food (particularly chocolate creations) and beer are also freely available here. However, the shops at Kammenstraat are a bit pricier. Therefore, bargain hunters are better off picking wares at the flea market-like stalls in Kloosterstraat.