Chania Attractions Guide

Popular attractions in Chania 1. The Old Town is a popular destination in Chania. It is located next to the old harbour and is surrounded by the urban area. The crumbling Venetian Harbour of the Old Town is considered the most beautiful urban district of Crete. It is the quiet part of Chania. Topanas in the Old Town is a picturesque district, composed of narrow alleys and old charming buildings. Some of the buildings are converted into shops, bars, restaurants, and hotel. Having a historical walk tour around it and taking a few pictures is the best way to enjoy the Old Town in the day time. It is also a lively place during the warm months and in the winter is also lively during the night but more tamed compared to the summer months. The night life in Old Town is the more quiet type compared to the other intense bars of Greece. 2. The Modern part of Chania is also an interesting place to visit. It is larger than the Old Town. It is where most of the locals live and work. Its history starts in Nea Hora, which means “New Town”. This Modern part of Chania is composed of picturesque narrow old lanes going to the harbour and the Halepa provides views of local aristocracy. Many historical buildings are composed of old government buildings and churches. 3. The Agora or indoor market built on 1913 is a popular tourist destination; it is located on the edge of the Old Town. 4. Chania having a colourful history and developed a rich culture, going to its museums is a must. There is the Archeological Museum of Chania in Saint Fracis Monastery that houses various prehistorical periods of local history. The collection ranges from Neolithic to Roman eras. Other interesting places are the War, Chemistry, School life Museum and Historical Archive. 5. There are also museums in the Old Town that are also of importance, like the Folklore, Maritime, and Byzantine Museums. There is something unique about the School Life Museum; it is a rare thing to find a museum that continuously grows. It focuses in developing the educational and pedagogical practices of the locals. 6. It is also appealing to visit Chania’s two open air cinemas. That showcases both commercial and independent movies. Small festivals are also held in these venues. These cultural shows are mostly done in the summer. It ranges from theatrical plays, concerts, conferences, and several exhibitions from both the locals and foreigners. In total, Chania has five cinemas which would complete your cinema hopping itinerary. It is a local cultural activity that would make you enjoy your stay in Chania.


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