Milan City Guide

Ah, Milan. This name is always spoken and talked about in fashion TV and magazines. Milan is known around the world as one of the fashion capitals of the world, along with London, Paris and New York. Obviously, this is the dream destination for models, fashion designers, or anyone with a penchant for fashion and glamour. So, what else does Milan offer? Rome represents the Old Italy, whereas Milan represents the New Italy. It is the busiest, most modern, and most important in terms of finance. Milan is a busy city, as it is a major contributor of Italy’s economy. It is the home of the country’s stock exchange, as well as a big money maker all thanks to its tourism. It is also home to Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece, ‘The Last Supper’, as well as the La Scala Opera House and the Castello Sforzesco. What sets Milan apart from other cities of Italy, is its creative streak. Yes, Milan is the heaven on earth when you’re looking for some retail therapy. Fashion savants may know that Milan is the ‘breeding point’ of many talented fashion designers. Fashion giants Giorgio Armani, Prada, Versace, Gucci, Ferre, Dolce & Gabbana all have one thing in common: They all started in Milan. These stores have their flagship stores in the Golden Quad, Milan. The streets of Milan are filled with boutiques, shops and fashion labels, so the fashionista’s souls can divulge to their heart’s content. Milan is known for its three F’s: fashion, finance, and of course, football. The city is home to AC Milan and Inter team, which are Italy’s best football teams. Take time to explore the beautiful city of Milan, and you will know why Milan is so famous and well loved by people around the world. There are many kinds of accommodations available in the city that will best fit all budgets and needs. There are plenty of hotels near the center of the city, and close to Milan’s important tourist attractions. You can find 1 star to 5 star hotels. If you want and demand for the best, you can stay in luxury hotels like Hotel Vittoria, Park Hyatt Milan and Hotel King. If you want something cheaper, you can opt for a hostel or a bed and breakfast in Milan. If you plan to stay for a longer time like two weeks or more, it will be cheaper to rent yourself an apartment instead. By air, most international flights use the Malpensa airport, which is a mere fifty kilometres north of Milan. For majority of domestic flights, the nearer Linate airport is used, which is only seven kilometres east of the city. To get to Milan from other cities in Europe, you can take the Euroline buses and other buses of different companies with national and international destinations. To get around the city, you can take the bus or the train. They are quite simple, bus stops are scattered all throughout Milan, so you’ll never get lost.