Bern Attractions Guide

Popular attractions in Bern Bern is actually enriched with many wonderful attractions around the place. Old buildings and wooded riverbanks give Bern a very attractive atmosphere not to mention yet its great architecture. Here are some of the city’s most popular attractions: 1. The Cathedral of Berne. This cathedral is considered to be the largest place of worship in the country. From its tower, you can see beautiful views of this amazing city and its mountains. Although its construction is not complete yet, it is still known for its “Last Judgment” that is located right on its main entrance. The cathedral also houses 234 more statues inside. 2. Museum of Paul Klee. This museum highlights the Swiss painter’s collection. These painting designs are famous because they are all inspired by both surrealism and cubism styles. This museum also has an auditorium, art room, and children’s theatre inside. 3. Clock Tower or the Zytglogge. This tower features many unique features each and every hour. It has an astronomical clock which presents the signs of the zodiac and the days of the week with bears, crows, bearded king jesters, and puppies. All the tours inside the tower can be arranged even with some shows running. 4. Einstein House. The old house of the famous Albert Einstein is preserved here in Bern and is now one of the most visited places by tourists in the city. This is where he worked on his famous theory of relativity from 1903 to 1905. Here, you will see a number of Einstein’s documents and photos. 5. Parliamentary House. This is also one great place to see for its large green dome. It is currently divided into two chambers, which are the Naionalrat that represents the people and the Standerat that represents its constituents. However, tours are allowed only when the parliament is in recess. 6. Zahringen Fountain. This is only one of the most famous fountains around the city. It is actually dedicated to Bern’s founder back in 1535. 7. Samson Fountain. This is another famous fountain which features man eating children. Surely, you are wondering what probably the meaning of that sign is. However, no one really knows the true meaning of it. Anyhow, many people still believe that it was made to scare the children for them to maintain good behavior. 8. Garden of Roses. In this garden is a breathtaking panoramic view of the center of the medieval town. This is a Rosary on a hill, a former cemetery back in 1913 and now is converted into a beautiful park. 9. Toblerone Factory. If you are a chocolate lover, surely you will not fail to visit this famous chocolate brand’s factory in Bern. It is the home of the world-famous Toblerone. 10. Bärengraben. Commonly known as bear pit, this is also one of the must-see attractions in the city. There is an enclosure of bear housing right at the eastern edge of the old city Berne. Bears are actually considered the symbol of the city. Indeed, Bern is one great place to spend your vacation. The attractions will not be limited to a single motif only. If you are in Bern, you will experience all the great things you are looking for when you travel.