Blackpool Attractions Guide

Listed below are notable tourist attractions in Blackpool. 1. Blackpool Tower- it was opened in 1894 and has been one of the top destinations of vacationers since then. It stands at approximately 518 feet and 9 inches or 158 meters in height. Underneath the tower, which was inspired by Paris’ Eiffel Tower, are several establishments. Recreation facilities, entertainment areas, restaurants and retail shops are numerous and spread out inside the seven levels of attractions. Out of This World, Tower Circus and Tower Ballroom, which was shown in the 1996 film Shall We Dance?, are some of the most noted tourist favorites. 2. Blackpool Pleasure Beach- the largest amusement park in Britain houses 11 roller coasters which consist of the Roller Coaster, where the rides got its name. “Pepsi Max Big One”, the tallest, measures approximately over 200 feet. Big Dipper and Irn Bru are other park-goers favorite. Because the place has already been existent since the Victorian era, the architecture of the place itself is already a sight to behold. Art Deco styled establishments have also been formed since 1930. 3. North Pier, South Pier and Central Pier- small shopping centers are located within the North Pier. Before the 1997 Christmas storm damaged it, a helicopter helipad is situated here alongside a small tram link. The Southernmost pier has a theme park and is seated opposite the Pleasure Beach. Central Pier has several shops and an enormous Ferris wheel to boast. 4. The Winter Gardens- a huge entertainment facility. The Opera House, which is one of the largest theaters in the whole of Europe, is situated here. There’s also the Empress Ballroom, Spanish Hall, Arena and Olympia. Several conferences are being held in this area all year round. 5. Stanley Park- there’s a golf course, sports arena, art deco inspired restaurants, model villages and gardens inside this scenic destination. This historic park is definitely a must-see. 6. Doctor Who Exhibition- showcases costumes and props from the BBC TV series 7. Louis Tussaud’s Waxworks- this is where the well-known Chambers of Horrors is located. The wax museum contains models of top celebrities and personalities form the sports, music and film industry. 8. Sandcastle Water Park- this is situated beside the South Pier. Popularly known as the Water world, it has indoor water parks and pools with waves and slides. 9. The Grand Theatre- it was designed by Frank Matcham in 1894 and can hold up to around 1100 audience 10. Other attractions include the donkey rides on sands and also watching the Dance on Ice, a world-renowned ice show. So for the travelers who want to experience everything that Blackpool has to offer, its best to book ahead of the peak season and get to enjoy what this side of Britain has to offer.