Edinburgh Attractions Guide

Edinburgh’s diverse culture and lifestyle are certainly exciting to explore. Here are a few of the best attractions in the area. 1. Edinburgh Pass- this historical landmark would work best for the budget-conscious traveler. For only 155 pounds you can already tour 27 attraction sites in the city. Not only that, the package price already consists of a 90-page travel guide or guidebook so you can have all the things you need to know while visiting the place. Located inside are several restaurants and retail stores offering discounts all year round. 2. Edinburgh Castle- visiting Scotland would never be complete without visiting the most picturesque castles in the whole world. One of the most popular is the Edinburgh Castle. It is where the Edinburgh Military Tattoo Fest is held annually and has been used for several functions for over a thousand years now. It is situated at one of the highest summit in the city. 3. Edinburgh Zoo- this place is well-known for its Penguin Parade and is definitely one of the most. It is the second largest non-profit tourist spot in Scotland. It is the only zoo in the whole of UK that breeds koalas and polar bears and perhaps the only zoo that breeds penguins. It is also known for its numerous conservation programs. 4. Royal Museum and Museum of Scotland- these museums are located in Chambers Street in Old Town district. Here, Scotland’s rich heritages are preserved alongside contemporary architecture. Famous exhibits include the weapons of the Roman conquerors during their reign and during the Renaissance era. Scottish pottery is also displayed here. 5. Abbey and Palace of Holy Roodhouse- this is the royal residence and it is home to the Queen’s Gallery where the Royal Collection of art can be seen. 6. Grassmarket, Lothian Road, Princes Street- for those who want to shop and go clubbing, these are the places to visit. Restaurants, nightclubs and shopping centers are abound here. Princes Street which is the shopping district has a lot of exclusive boutiques and stores. Designer shops and retail stores can be found here. 7. Camera Obscura- located in Castle Hill, is approximately 150 years old and allows visitors to have a full view of the entire city. At the top of the tower, a light is situated which focuses onto a large dish in dark room underneath, thus the name Camera Obscura was derived. 8. Scott Monument- it was built 1846 to honor the life of Sir Walter Scott. This Gothic monument enables tourists to climb 200 ft above the center of the city, so they can take pleasure in viewing the area around the East Princes Street Gardens. Being one UNESCO’s World Heritage site is one of the most prestigious honors that Edinburgh is proud of. So if you’re one who wouldn’t want to miss out the magnificence of Britain’s “other eye” as Ben Johnson has described it, then book a holiday now and be among those who have experienced the wonder and beauty of the “Empress of the North”.