Albufeira Attractions Guide

If you’re wondering what are the most famous tourist attractions in Albufeira, well here are some of them: 1. São Sebastião Church – A remarkably historical site that exhibits Manueline architecture, this church has interesting stories to tell. It is a symbol for the rich cultural heritage that Albufeira has, and elicits quite a peaceful mood to its visitors. Take a short break and visit this church just before you head towards the beautiful beaches. 2. Marina Beach – Albufeira has over fifteen beaches that have great facilities and panoramic sights. The beaches are alike in a sense that you will get a feel of soft, golden sand and the cool waters of the sea. They just differ in terms of which kinds of views of the city or of the ocean that you could get. Marina Beach is made even grander because it is surrounded by some daunting rocks that have amazing colors. It is easily accessible, and visiting it in the morning is a great time to take some attractive pictures. Take a good swim that will make you feel as close as you possibly can to nature. 3. The Old Town of Albufeira – This is the place where you can also find the The Strip, but beyond the music and dancing from the bars and discos, the old town boasts of simple, elegant cafes and restaurants that branch out to streets and corners where you can see locals and visitors alike. 4. St. Ana’s Church – This little church outshines all the others in terms of its intricate design and beautiful patterns, from its ceiling and walls up to its entrance and exit doors and the façade. 5. The Clock Tower – It is difficult not to notice the bell that hangs proudly on top of a considerably huge structure that is the bell tower. This is a symbol of Albufeira and has interesting stories to tell about its history. 6. Zoomarine – If you love aquatic animals, then you will certainly have to check out this place to take a closer look at the magnificent creatures that live in the sea. You’ll get to watch dolphins do their tricks and see birds of different kinds. It also has an area for great entertainment in the form of a swimming pool and some fun rides which young ones would love to experience. If you’re visiting Albufeira with the younger members of your family, a visit to Zoomarine is truly worthwhile. 7. Krazy World – This is a necessary tourist attraction for families. This has a facility that enables you to play golf, have fun at play grounds and watch interesting animal shows in the summer. Children can pet animals and learn more about them. You can see llamas, camels and deer and even have fun riding bikes and ponies. 8. Sagres – Many tourists are also curious to know what it feels like to stand and walk over towards Sagres that marks an extreme point in Europe. With a lighthouse that beams for over a hundred kilometers, it’s quite challenging to walk all the way to this point for the winds tend to be very strong. However, it is an incomparable adventure to try to walk towards it or at least be near it and get to even see the house of Prince Hendrik which is now used as a hostel. The prince by the way is a well-known seafarer who made interesting discoveries that lay behind the ocean of the Atlantic in the 14th century.

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