Vilamoura Attractions Guide

Several beautiful and enjoyable attractions are also offered by Vilamoura to its tourists, listed below are some of them Vilamoura Beaches The beaches in Vilamoura are one of the main attractions in this tourist destination. The clear Atlantic waters and the fine golden sand is definitely a place worth relaxing and having fun with tons of water sports available like banana boat rides, jet skiing, or even dolphin watching through riding a rental boat from the moors and going farther off the shore and right into the Atlantic. The Falesia is one notable beach that spans in Vilamoura to its neighboring destinations. Its fine golden sand and its crystal clear waters have been considered as one of the best in Portugal. Golf Courses For tourists who choose not to get wet with the crystal clear waters of the Atlantic, tons of land activities are in store for them. Eighteen-hole golf courses will surely leave tourists enjoying every minute of their game. Not only are the golf courses in Vilamoura used for world championships because of its impressive eighteen-hole feature, but also because of its beauty with lush tropical plants give a cool shade to strategic parts of the golf courses. Moorish Villages Moorish villages in Vilamoura have been well preserved through time and they have become one of the best attractions that tourist oftentimes go back to. With their construction dating back in the 1700s, these villages have been witness to a rich history that is still emanated through its walls and ceilings which makes it something spectacular for the tourists to witness again and again. The Querena is one of the most well known villages located in Algrave which is popular for its church built back in the sixteenth century. Nighttime in Vilamoura Nighttime in Vilamoura is a main attraction that every tourist should not forget to experience. Luxurious fine dining in five star restaurants will require tourists to dress up formally for a great and sumptuous night ahead. Enjoy different courses made from fresh produce found in abundant Vilamoura and finish off the night in the casinos where some well known celebrities hang around in. Live entertainment is also abundant where karaoke and night clubs are available. Casual Approaches Vilamoura is not just about luxurious buildings, but it also offers different types of experiences that every type of tourist will definitely love. For tourists who would want a more casual approach when it comes to taking a great holiday getaway in Vilamoura, There are hotels and rental apartments available that will surely fit the budget of any traveler. Saturday local markets are also a popular choice for tourists who would want to try different types of local delicacies and local items that are fascinating to the foreign eye. Tours to the museums and preserved villages also top the list of attractions for tourist who would want to learn more about the rich culture and history of the land. Nighttime dinner on a budget is also achievable through famous pizza and pasta places that offer fresh and delicious meals at a reasonable cost.

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